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Our TripleTrad Canada medical translation specialists have over 10 years of experience providing solutions for doctors and other health professionals, as well as pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, hospitals, and health care institutions.


Our medical translations include published scientific articles, medical records, doctor’s referral letters, consent forms, and laboratory test requests.


Just as Canada is making steady strides towards delivering better healthcare to its people, we are striving to exceed our clients’ expectations of medical translation services.


We have worked with some of the top names in healthcare institutions, pharmaceuticals, government, and non-government agencies, as well as hospitals in all the years of operation.


We pledge to work tirelessly in upholding the quality of work expected from us as we continue to expand our client base.


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Critical challenges faced in medical translation service


Medical procedures, techniques, technology, and resources are in the process of constant evolution. The companies are trying to reach out to a wider audience and expand to more countries.


medical translation service tripletrad canada


In this scenario, pharmaceutical and medical documentation is in a process of continuous change and development. Thus, a medical translation service is more important now than ever.


Moreover, medical translation has also undergone a process of evolution. The area of operation has expanded to include biotherapy, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and more.


It is no longer enough to just offer a literal translation, without paying enough attention to details. After all, precision must be the strong forte for a translation company working in this field.


Poor quality or rushed translation jobs can cause serious damage in terms of patient health and legal proceedings. Thus, our medical translation service makes it a point to tick the following four boxes:


  • Compliance with the guidelines and rules of conduct

  • Excellent writing skills for better understanding of readers

  • In-depth knowledge of the source languages

  • Complete understanding of pharmaceutical, medicine, and the related technical terminology


In addition to all of that, we value your privacy and need for data security. Thus, you can be assured that your details will never be shared with a third-party organization.


We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement as further assurance of our promise to keep your details secret and safe.


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6 Reasons to choose our medical translation service


medical translation service tripletrad canada


You can rely on us for the delivery of quality work relentlessly each time. Here are some of the benefits that we bring to the table for your company.


  1. We only hire experts with prior experience in medical translation services

  2. Each work goes through strict quality checks before they are delivered

  3. Assurance of complete accuracy and confidentiality

  4. Regular evaluation and trainings to keep the translators updated

  5. Skilled project managers at work to oversee each project detail

  6. Delivering quality translation work within pre-decided deadlines


The basic facts and principles of Canadian public healthcare system


Medicare, which is the public healthcare system in Canada, is tax funded. It is a well-organized system that offers coverage for all kinds of medical care that can be deemed ‘necessary,’ such as doctor and hospital visits.


However, other areas like prescription, vision, or dental coverage are usually left out. Each province has the responsibility to manage its separate healthcare system.


medical translator online medical translation service tripletrad canada


As per availability, Medicare is offered to the following group of individuals:


  • Canadian citizens

  • Permanent residents

  • Professionals with Canadian work permit

  • Certain refugees

  • Indigenous peoples


For the ones who do not qualify under the public healthcare system, there are options for private insurance to make medical care easily accessible.


As a medical translation service provider, we have worked with several insurers in the country. In any case, accessing healthcare is not a concern for anyone making a home in or visiting Canada.


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Principles guiding the public healthcare system in Canada


medical translation services medical translation service tripletrad canada


The healthcare standards in Canada are guided by the 1984 Canada Health Act, which includes the following founding principles:


  • Universality – All Canadian residents can access public healthcare.

  • Public administration – It is carried out on a non-profit basis.

  • Portability – Residents will receive medical coverage when they travel within and outside Canada (with some restrictions).

  • Comprehensive – Provincial healthcare plans cover every service that is medically necessary (the definition of ‘medically necessary’ can vary from one region to another).

  • Accessibility – Public healthcare services must be accessible, uniform, reasonable, and free from any barrier.


Availability of free healthcare in Canada


Healthcare in Canada is free to a certain extent. Any person who is eligible for their province’s Medicare can apply for and avail of the same.


There is no need to pay a fee to get medical care at a physician’s office or hospital. Right from prescription drugs, surgery, to childbirth, everything is covered by Medicare.


Certain restrictions are applicable in terms of procedures undergone and drugs taken. As such, any medically unnecessary procedure, such as a cosmetic surgery, isn’t covered.


medical translation service tripletrad canada


Similarly, most provinces also do not offer coverage for vision care or dental care. For prescription drugs, only the ones taken in a hospital are covered.


As mentioned before, there are wide regional differences in the procedures and drugs covered. Some provinces even offer prescription drug coverage outside the hospital.


At the same time, dental and vision care are part of the program in many provinces, but only for kids and senior citizens. There is a variety of private insurance plans available for all that Medicare does not cover.


What happens when you don’t qualify for Medicare in any province of the country? You can either opt for a plan by a private insurance company or pay the entire money out of your pocket.


A private insurance plan is a more viable option if you are planning to settle down in Canada. However, tourists are suggested to pay out of their pockets for any minor, sudden injuries or ailments faced in the country.


Tourists are entitled to receive the required emergency medical care, but the Canadian healthcare system does not offer coverage for the same. It is better to have travel insurance in that case.


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Can Canadians access private health insurance?


Apart from Quebec, Canadians are not allowed to buy private health insurance for any procedure or medical care that comes under the public healthcare system.


The aim is to ensure that the ideals of universal accessibility of healthcare is not undermined by anyone.


However, Canadians are permitted to buy private health insurance, along with the public healthcare coverage. Most of the private insurance plans come from their employers and cover services such as:


  • Vision care

  • Dental care

  • Ambulance services

  • Prescription drugs

  • Psychologist visits


Major challenges faced by the Canadian Healthcare system


medical translation medical translation service tripletrad canada


Working as a medical translation service provider in the country has given us a closer look at the challenges being faced by the Canadian Healthcare system.


We believe the healthcare system needs to overcome the following hurdles:


  • There are more doctors in the urban regions than the rural ones

  • The waiting time is typically lengthy for the non-emergency procedures

  • The coverage is limited for prescription drugs

  • Insurance coverage is still limited across the country


Being in this field for over ten years, we have also witnessed some positive changes in the healthcare system. The insurance coverage has improved significantly and is still in a process of expanding.


Most of the population does not need to bear any major medical expense out of their pocket. Moreover, the nation has set a price limit for patented drugs in order to make the medications more affordable for the people.


In fact, Canada gets regular visitors from the USA who come to the country for cheaper prescription drugs.


medical translation service tripletrad canada


We know how hard it can be to find an exceptional medical translator when you need one. That’s where we come in: we give your international business endeavours direction and power, enabling you to be just as effectively overseas as you are locally.


We work as if we were a translation department within your own company, except you don’t need to worry about the hassles of contracting workers or finding professional translators for your business documents.


You only pay per project, with no recurring or monthly fees.


At TripleTrad Canada, we are passionate about helping your business and projects gain publicity and new audiences both locally and internationally.


If you have any questions about our medical translation service, reach out to us at +1 (647) 499-1178 (Toronto area and Canada). You can also contact us on Whatsapp (click here). 🙂


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