At TripleTrad Canada, any and every document is confidential


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If you need a translation agency of Ontario to translate your contract, letter of recommendation, patient records, or any other document, you can be sure that we apply the absolute highest levels of confidentiality to every project we undertake.


Our TripleTrad Canada project management team is trained to translate highly confidential documents. Many law firms throughout Canada, as well as government agencies in over 5 countries, know that we take confidential business information very seriously.


We have a clear Privacy Policy that ensures our commitment to confidentiality, professional responsibility, and privacy. These standards are continuously being raised in order to safeguard our customers more and more every day.


As a translation agency of Ontario, TripleTrad Canada never uses shared servers. Our servers are used exclusively for company data storage, which ensures incomparable data protection for our clients.


We know how hard it can be to find a high quality professional translator when you need one. That’s where we come in: we give your international business endeavors direction and power. That way you’re as effective abroad as you are locally.


It’s as if we were a translation department within your own company, except you don’t need to worry about contracting workers or finding professional translators for your projects.


You only pay per project, with no reoccurring or monthly fees.


If you made it this far, it means you're a well-informed reader and want your business or project to gain publicity and new audiences.


We are here to help, and we’re passionate about expanding projects to other countries. If you have any question, contact us, or reach us at +1 647-846-6266 (Toronto area and Canada). You can also contact us via live chat. 🙂


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TripleTrad is a thriving business with over 10 years of delivering comprehensive translation services across 300 languages to both fledgling and long-established organizations. Our services have assisted companies in fields such as:

  • Advertising, Architecture
  • Design, Education, Engineering
  • Financial, Legal
  • Manufacturing, Medical
  • Multimedia, Technology

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